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I am attending the Audie Murphy board in July and was trying to get input on what books I should read and if there's a certain study guide that anyone would recommend? thanks in advance
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I personally read his book "To hell and back" and watched his documentary on netflix. Next step is to learn his BIO to the letter. Give someone a copy of it and recite the bio to them and have them highlight your mess ups. then study a few more days and recite it again in the same fashion. After I had the bio down I started to learn the Club history and the symbolism of the crest. Other than that learn anything that you possibly can about him, how he earned his awards, his wives names, what plot number he is buried at.......everything and anything. Above all remember that the club is a leadership organization, it is all about taking care of soldiers. Drive around your installation and know where every soldier support location is and it's function. (AER, ACS, Lending closets, MWR facilities, day cares, wellness centers.....)
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His bio is a great start and just knowing him. How many movies he was in, songs, books, things of that nature. Also when I was studying up they told us to study these websites.

Also see if your local chapter has a study group and if they don't just study like you would for a normal board and know Audie Murphy, the 5 W's approach works great)
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