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Hello everyone,
I'm looking to speak with a NCO who just made it into the SAMC. I'm very interested and stationed in Ft. Hood TX. Any info. would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I went to the board last month here at Ft. Leonard Wood and made it through. Probably a little different than what you would go through if you are in a FORSCOM unit.
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Congratulations. What did you have to do?

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When I went to my promotion board in June one board member asked when I was going. After that the BDE CSM said I was going. So I went to the BDE board in August and got hammered, but they recommended I go on to post. I got to post in September and got kicked out for missing my first question besides tell me a little about yourself. So I went back to BDE and then on to post last month and made it through. Almost didn't make it because one CSM was questioning my experience with having soldiers and traininig management. He had an alibi and asked me to tell him everything about my soldier. I rattled off almost everything I knew for about 3-4 minutes straight and that was it.
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