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so on july 31 2011 i was arrested for a dui and mip but in my court hearing i got my dui amended to a negligent driving of the first degree and the mip dropped and since then i have tried to join but as soon as anyone hears dui i get blown off immediately. i was wondering since i wasnt convicted od dui if i could still join the military. any responses would be great. i also have a re code of 3 from the army national guard.
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What is the RE3 from the NG for? I was on recruiting for 3 years up until last year and towards the end if you came in and said you were a prior service guy with an RE 3 from the NG with a DUI (its all in the wording, if you did something to get it "amended" then it means you are guilty, for instance "hey i will do 90 days of probation if you drop it to negligent driving", thats guilty of DUI) I would have turned you away in no time as well, so I can only imagine how bad it is now...specially if your RE3 was for misconduct.

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Are you trying to go active Army now? You will have to go to a recruiting station and bring your NGB-22 document with you. You have a lot of strikes and even two years are considered too soon to re-enter based on the normal "prejudice" but it does not hurt to check.

Good luck.
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