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Running and Pushup questions

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When I went to basic, I was not in good physical shape at all. I totally failed my first pt test..don't worry though, you will build up endurance from all the push ups you will be doing. If I did it over again though, I would def work on running and sit ups. That was where I struggled the most at first. You do so many push ups that you will (if you are like me) excel at them on your pt test.

Good luck.
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Originally posted by TylerMac:

These are really good programs that I've done and they both work, they have different work outs depending on what you can do starting out and help you build up. Don't know if you need the sit-ups or not but there on the APFT so it couldn't hurt.

Hope this helps and best of luck!

Hey TylerMac

I couldn't agree more, these programs really do work especially the couch to 5K program, if you want more information you can get weekly training schedules sent to your email address. The website address is ... and the best thing about it is that it is all free.

Hope this helps you out..

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