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I'm thinking of joining the reserves. I believe I qualify to go in as an e-3 for training I have completed. How does that affect getting promoted. I read: "Army -- 24 months active duty, 6 months as an E-3, and commander's recommendation" to be promoted to e-4. Would I still have to wait all that time to get promoted? Also whats it like being a vehicle/ heavy duty mechanic etc; for the army, I'm already a semi-truck/car mechanic.
Thanks just curious of what I'm getting myself into.
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You can obtain a waiver for time in grade/time in service if you are good enough.

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Sorry to hijack thread... But can you earn promotion points even before going to BCT? Like is there anything that I would be able to do so that I am higher than an E-1 before I get there?
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Yes you can do stuff to come in as a PV2 or PFC instead of a to your Recruiter and he'll let you know what you need to do.

tgmod, yes you will have to wait just like everyone else to get promoted to SPC unless you get a its going to seem like an eternity to get promoted, you'll see PVTs catch up to you and get promoted to SPC with you, just watch.

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