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Joining a deployed unit

I am in the process of joining the Army Reserve, but the unit I want to join has just deployed this month to Kuwait. From what I've been reading about deployments this means I wont have a chance to be deployed for about two years after they come back. Is it possible to volunteer to deploy after I finish OSUT?

If so what are the chances, seems like it's a waste for the Army to train up an infantryman and just let him sit for a year while his unit is deployed.

If not and I pick option 26 is that a guarantee I'll be deployed?

Also if you're MOS 11B going from active to reserve do you have to reclass before going to a reserve unit or do individual 11B slots exist?

I'd pick another unit but it's the last reserve infantry unit in the Army: 100th Battalion, 442nd Infantry.
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It doesn't matter that they are deployed or how long they've been deployed.

I was with 3bde/2id and in a 15 month tour we got 'replacements' at 6, 9 and 12 months in country.
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