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As a mother of a daughter that is on her way to Bootcamp in 2 days and a Prior Enlisted Soldier myself. I decided that after 11 years that I would attempt to go back in once more. It has always been my calling. I was discharged honorably with an RE3P medical board for asthma. I was wrongly sent on my way, I feel. I have attempted 3 other times to go in and feel that this will be my 4th dead end once again. I have made every attempt to get letters sent to MEPS from my childhood MD saying NO breathing or lung problems and again from my adult MD saying the same. I have only had 2 MD's in my life and they have always followed me. I have had a recent Pulmonary Function Test and it was negative. I have had the run around from day one. Excuse after Excuse, recruiters on leave, computer down, can't check my e-mail, call me back, I'll call you back, etc. Need I say more. It seems to me that the only ones that the recruiters want to move for, are the young ones. My daughter leaves soon and I thought that I could get the recruiter to get the lead out this time and get something done. It has been 3 months and nothing. I received a denied response back from MEPS, however when questioned why, no one had any answers. I am in perfect health for 35 plus and I feel that there should be no reason why I can not go back. I just find it hard to process that those who want to go can't. I understand the process of the waiver, however if I could just get the answers on why the denial came down from MEPS, I could attempt to begin that process. I now have another appointment out of town with another recruiter to see if I can find a recruiter that will do something other than give me the run around. It is really getting old and I am trying to be positive. I never had these issues when I was in the service needing answers, so what is the problem now. I feel that every recruiter that I have ever talked to was a car salesman in their past life. LOL Please send information on the whereabouts of a good recruiter or if you have insight on this issue. Thanks
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Hey strongmom, I know this is a little later than you would have hoped to hear anything and hopefully by now you have already gotten the answers you needed from other sources. I was just searching the internet and found your post. I was medically discharged in 05 for bilateral knee pain with an RE-3. I am in the process of getting back in after much headache. I have had to get statements from an orthopedic doctor saying that there is nothing wrong with me....paid 345.00 bucks for it too! It sounds to me like you just haven't found the right recruiter yet. I guess I got lucky and got it on the first try with the army. I understand exactly where you are coming from and the only thing I can tell you is that it will end up taking time. It has been almost 3 months for me too and I am still looking at another month before I can contract in. Basically the process is that the recruiters have to send up what is called a MED-Read to MEPS. This MED-Read is basically your discharge documents (DD-214 and medical board documents) and anything else stating what was wrong with you at the time of discharge plus supporting documentation from a current examination stating that there is nothing wrong anymore.
Once the doctors at MEPS review that packet, they will either temporarily disqualify, permanently disqualify, or clear you for military service. I received the temporary disqualification. All that meant was that my packet had to be sent higher for review and I needed an examination from a military doctor. So , my recruiter has scheduled me a date at MEPS for my first physical, after that date I will return 2-3 weeks later for an orthopedic consult, and it is at that point that the final verdict is declared. I will either contract into the military the following day or be denied for service. I have heard so many stories of people being given the run-around because they were a medical discharge and their recruiters not helping them or giving them straight-up BS answers. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is try to find a recruiter that will be honest with you and will try to help you. One other thing that will help for at least your peace of mind is for you to do some research on the internet. I have managed to find several documents from MEPS pertaining to the regs for processing in medical discharges. That is what let me know that I CAN get back in and I think that helped me a lot. I really hope this helps if you haven't already gotten to where you need to be! If you have any other questions feel free to e-mail me at
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