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I recently joined the USAR in TX. The only option i had in my area was 92s, or that is what i was told and believed. I went ahead and signed my contract for the 6 years. Im ok with doing what i am suppose to as a 92s, my question is : Am i able to cross train in like a "Combat Medic " slot? My civilian job is a Paramedic! And if not how long do i have to do 92s until i can transfer into the Active Army or another USAR unit??

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Your reserve unit will be the one that will allow you to cross train. If they have slots or a need for it all you have to do is submit your request. Most reserve units are pretty good about retraining as long as your squared away. But its not a guaranteed thing.

As far as going active duty you will need to visit a recruiting office and fill out a DD 368(Conditional Release) and a DA 4187 requesting to transfer to AD. You will do that after you complete your training. ***NOTE*** YOU WILL BE CONSIDERED PRIOR SERVICE WHEN GOING AD(NOT ALOT OF OPTIONS FOR PS)*** Could be a year or more wait before they release you. It never hurts to try as soon as your ready to go AD. Worst that will happen is they tell you no.
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