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I understand while DEP you can attend drills once a month, can I go more then once a month to drills and what would I wear since I dont get ACU's till processing\basic??

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you will only get paid for the drills that your unit has usally an SAT and SUN once a month..however you can show up just wont get far as what you will wear...some RES will give their DEPS ACU. while others will not give anything and you will give you nothing.

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When you go to report to your reserve unit for in-processing, and you are assigned a sponsor or a POC (point of contact with the unit), I would ask her/him what it is that you could do to prepare yourself to be in the Reserves or if there is any training that can be conducted at the unit, that might not be easily done at home or would be deemed necessary prior to heading to BCT.

Also, being in the DEP, I highly recommend taking full advantage of the Future Soldier program with your recruiter(s).
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