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DSS questions

I am an interested NCO curious about becoming a Drill SGT. I am currently in Korea and was wondering if I am accepted as a Drill SGT will I go straight from Korea to school? I have family at Fort Lewis and was also wondering if I would get leave when I left here before school? Also I heard through the rumor mill that there was a 90 day dwell time inbetween leaving Korea and going to school. One last thing, will my family go to DSS with me or will they remain or fort lewis during the school? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Coming from an OCONUS assignment, you will normally be assigned to your future duty location and be what's called a turtle. You will be acting like a drill sgt, but won't be one until you graduate the school. It's a learning experience, but, you won't get the AIP until completion of the school and you return to your unit. Your family will probably PCS to meet you at your duty location and they will stay there while you go to school.
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