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The new US Army Drill Sergeant School

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Does anyone have any idea or any information on the school house helping Soldiers that have a Permanent Debilitating injury, but is still a 99% Soldier become a Drill Sergeant....Please Help I really want to have this honor as an NCO.....

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I was not bored at all, you actually made me more excited about the opportunity. I just transfered to a unit for pre-mob to Afganistan and the day I reported was handed promotion orders to E-6 with a TRNG BN. I wanted to get one more deployment in, however, being the NCO I am and love training, I think I will just report to TRNG BN now rather than after deployment. Thanks for your tips, it helped me outline a study guide. In addition, I will never forget my DS, DS Smith, at 42 years old, I still remember what he did for me as a 20 year old. That thought alone, having the opportunity to have a Soldier remember me for 22 years giving him all I have at 110% motivates me and takes the nervous edge off a bit.
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As far as combat injuries ggo...there is a Guy in my class missing three fingers and has a this but he has no issues. I start week 5 Tmw so feel free to ask questions about preparing for or expectations of drill sergeant. School.
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Damn good info.
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To anyone that has or is in school are we allowed to bring our POVs or are we authorized rentals? I report in April and wanna make sure that if I do drive I won't get a butt chewing for having my POV.
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You are authorized to bring ur pov or rental. No issue almost everyone has their cars here and do what they want on their off time. Rentals are author allowed and u get inandaround mileage if I recall correctly.also when doing dts hare authorized money for laundry as well. It all in the guide from the website if u need verification. The only unauthorized vehicles are motorcycles. Ifanyone else has questions just ask.I'm in drill sgtt school until 27 Mar
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@MI_DSC How are you liking DSS so far? Are you ready to take the APFT on Monday?
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I volunteered for drill sergeant and submitted my packet a few days ago. How quickly do they get back to you to see if you are eligible to be a candidate and get a school date?
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Originally posted by SSG Chaney:
Ok, I apologize, but I can't stand with you all on this one. From a Drill Sergeant School perspective, I understand getting us certified as we will be teaching it to "civilians". A lot of these kids have never been in a fight, never been hit, and combatives is a major part in building up their confidence. I think it should stay in BCT so I think certification should stay at the school.

That being said, I think the program needs revamped. Level one teaches you ground work and how to achieve the clinch (while getting blasted in the face). How many fights start out on the ground? The program should have the Soldiers start on their feet with basic punches, kicks, and standing chokes/clinches. Each level after that would incorporate more advanced tactics with ground fighting being in the last level. That way, when you go to achieve the clinch, you can hit a real fight. I can't think of any situation that I may have to grab up an enemy but not be able to hit him back. I guarantee that would save on injuries once the stundent is swinging back at the teacher-and this would give Soldiers a more realistic way to conduct hand to hand combat.

Valid point, Combatives is a skill that keeps the Soldier focused and builds Espirit De Corps in your unit and keeps morale up. It allows you to blow off steam, That said I am level 2 certified. I did it in a three week block and it was rough we had numerous injuries. I had my neck cranked and a few of my other NCO's that did the classes back to back with my suffered some broken ribs. Level 1 is the basics, it teaches you basic evasion and to obtain dominant positions as well as the very basic offensive choking and arm bars. Level 2 takes you to your feet, and teaches you more MMA style and advanced techniques of Modern Combatives. If you ask me I feel as though every soldier should be level 2 certified because you redo everything you learned in level 1 when you begin level 2 the first few days as a review. From what I have heard about level 3 is that it is more tactical, and teaches you more disarming, and more detainee handling operations. I believe it is a four week course and is grueling and intensive. Level 4 is pretty much a gentlemans course, and it teaches you more or less on how to instruct and grade tournaments. You can certify up to level 2 on your own.

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I agree. Study the 2005 Drill Sergeant Modules. You can get them for $9.95 at:

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Hello everyone, I can see all the post in here took place a while ago. With that said, I am preparing to attend DSS in September, I am currently OCONUS so I have been told that I'm going to go to my unit first(Ft. Sill) before reporting to Jackson. I am currently E5/P non combat MOS. Wondering how will the process go, a little nervous now after reading all these post.
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Soon to be DS,

Don't be nervous, it's not at all as bad as you'd think. Though sometimes it is mentally exhausting.

Being OCONUS you will PCS to whatever installation and unit you'll be at the UNITED STATES ARMY DRILL SERGEANT ACADEMY, I know that everyone calls is Drill Sergeant School, but they changed it and they'll flip if they hear you call it a school. Anyway, you'll probably be at your unit and able to job shadow so to speak. Then you'll head to the academy. Nothing too special will really happen, though you'll know what battalion you're at least going to. From what I've heard they don't really keep the ones that come from OCONUS in their specific companies until they get the hat and badge.

Trust me, I'm a Recruiter!
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Oh man, you were a Recruiter and got hit with DS as well?
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