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Weapons has like 10 study guides listed on this site. It's a lot of information to remember. Are there certain questions I should pay more attention to?

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mmm ask other people that have gone to the board, but you should concentrate on the weapons you handle

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I Agree! The Board Members/CSM will see what you are Qualified on, by looking at your Qualification Record. Focus on what you Physically Use and are Qualified on.
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This was the area I did not do well in at my E-5 board. It might have been because it was the MP Det. SGM asking me situational questions on the M16 weapon and range, or because I paid too much attention to all the details of the M16 and M4 rifles as well as the M9 and M11 pistols. If I had to do that board again, I would have shifted my focus to the basics of M16/4 operation, statistics and maintainence; then I would have paid particular attention to how it is utilized on the range and in combat. Not sure how or if this can help you, just wanted to add my thoughts.
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I just appeared before the E5 board this morning and scored a perfect 150. Concentrate primarily on the weapon that you are assigned, and you'll be squared.
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