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Orders 1st or not

Do you need your orders 1st to have your promotion (SGT/SSG) to be added to your ERB or does your ERB update automatically. I know you have to have your promotion orders 1st in ordered to update your CAC. I had heard from other Soldiers that their points had shown on their ERB and the pay shown up on their LES before receiving their orders.

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You CAN'T add your promotion to ERB, it is automatically updated once the HR changes it...and once that is done, you won't really need the orders to change your CAC, they can see in the system what is your rank.

You will see your change of pay with the starting date of your promotion. Some people get their orders right away, some later, depindes how fast S-1/G-1 is matter when you get it, you get pay from the date of your promotion.
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