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PFT questions

first off I'm very excited to enlist as soon as i possibly can. i am extremely determined to get into the army and I've been that way since i was less then 11. but i am extremely worried about passing the PT Test, I'm 6'0(ish) and weight about 145(ish) and i usually max out on pushups at 30. on a GOOD day. so like i said I'm worried. running and sit ups i'm a bit better on

i'm wondering if theirs anything specifically that i could try that worked for any of you and any stories about boot camp changing people physically.

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Do some pushups, situps and run everyday. Simple.
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People go off to basic training without being able to do that. Heres what happens...You will get smoked for everything. You will think your Drill SGT is a dick...Hes not, he is actually your best friend in disguise. When it comes time to take that end of basic PT test you will thank him. Believe me you will get there 30 is far ahead of some folks. But ya, just keep up doing them everyday and it will suck yes but just do it. You may actually get worse before you get better. After basic i could do like 41...we did them every day of course. When i got to AIT we took a PT Test like a week and a half later i did like body recovered. So dont let that get you down either. Take it from me, I didnt like pushups at all either, now I have been in 5 years and they are nothing


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When I showed up at basic, I was barely able to do the 5 or 6 that was required to actually make it into a basic class. Trust me, you will be doing significantly more by the time you get out.

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