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I'm 16 at my high school and think that I might join the Army once I get out of High School. I'm an 130 lb, 5 foot 7, cross country runner. My forte is running, and i'm not much of an upper body strength person. Any advice or instructions to train would be helpful. Also I've been looking around and this victory wall thing scares me, is there anything I can do to help with my fear of heights.

Basically any advice to get in good shape for BCT would be nice.

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well since your a runner you def gotta stick with running as that will keep making your abs strong for situps.... but for pushups id say every Monday Wednesday and Friday do pyramids...1 push up than 2 than 3 and so on all the way up to 10 and than back down. Also if you want an extra workout before you run get a deck of cards and for every red card do situps and every black card do pushups. Like if its a red 2 than 2 situps but right away grab another card and see what comes next. It adds some fun to your own little work out. Also if you have access to a gym try to get in shoulder arms and chest workouts.
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Victory Tower isn't as bad as it looks. I'm not afraid of hieghts. I'm afraid of falling. But you don't have to woory about that. You'll have a harness on, and the only way you'll fall is if you totally let go of the rope. Just take it easy, and have fun. Be fearless.


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