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37 with a few scars

I am 37 and trying to join the ARNG. The first thing I tried was the Air Nat. Guard. After talking to the Air recruiter and explained to him that I had a laminectomy about 4 years ago on my lower back (which is just shaving some of my disk off with a laser). He suggested that I try the ARNG instead of the ANG. He explained that the Air was way over staffed right now and that with this type of surgery I would have a way better chance at the green than the blue. I have regretted not joining the service for the past 20 years and I am willing to do what ever it takes. What is the chance of passing MEPS with this surgery. Actually any advice for someone that is 37 and joining the guard and service for the first time would be greatly appreciated.
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Sounds to me he's just lazy and doesn't want to work with someone that has a potential issue with joining. Ask for a contact number to his supervisor and explain the situation to them.
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Last I heard the Army Guard was trying to cut it's strength by ~10%. Not sure you'll see any better their.

Spine surgery I see as potentially a big disqualifier.

Army Reserve might be something to check or Air Force Reserve (Guard historically and currently is better at staffing than the federal forces).

If it doesn't happen, don't let it get you down too much. Only 1 in 3 even qualify for service.

This is a ten level task
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