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Non-citizen Army National Guard MOS?

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I was paraphrasing the requirements for getting a clearance in the military. You are okay to join the ARMY and try to obtain both your citizenship and an MOS that requires a clearance at nearly the same time. The issue I was mentioning for you to consider is if you had already been elligible to apply for citizenship and decided not to. That is when the 12 month requirement comes into effect.

I know that after joining the ARMY, the process for obtaining your US citizenship will become a lot more streamlined (talk with your S1 or JAG, after you are assigned to a unit). DoD has made the process more "efficient" to help get more Soldiers in.

I would make sure you ask the recruiter all the questions you want/need to. If your recruiter doesn't take notes of your conversation or questions, I would ask them to. Their job is to make you comfortable and answer your questions so you know what you are getting into. If they don't know the answer to your question have them get back to you with a correct answer (or ask it on here).

Hope this helps... good luck.

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Met my recruiter just now. He's as friendly as a Maine person can be Smiler
Answered all my questions, however on my way back home I came up with more things haha... So I'm going to let him know... Or I'll ask here, as Enforcer sugested.
But I'll also ask my recruiter just so he knows that I'm aware of the answer.

This thread has gotten so off-topic... haha.. Hope this is ok, since all my questions are being answered anyway.

1) I have to enlist for a minimum of 6 years to benefit from the GI Bill, however, during my first year of service, I have to give away part of my paycheck?

2) Transportation to drills, or any other situations I have to report to:

- Weekend Drills: my recruiter offered to provide me with transportation to drills (I don't drive).
Mmm.. Lets say drill is from Friday to Sunday.
Can I stay at my unit overnight, rather than coming back and forth?

- Other places: Am I provided with transportation? Can I stay somewhere overnight at no cost to me?

Speaking of (monetary) costs:
Is there anything that I will have to pay off my pocket, anytime during this journey?

I plan to go with DEP, so I'm putting off Basic Training until January, or next Summer. So excited... Smiler So excited that I end up making it sound like fun and games, when it's really not... GRRR... Oh well, I'll learn with time.


I'm making this a journal of my journey... *laughs* If it's ok with everyone...

I feel like posting this chat with a friend...

[18:20] Sohail: so whats up sweety?
[18:20] Miyouki 85: *happy* just came back from meeting a army national guard recruiter Smiler
[18:21] Miyouki 85: got all my questions answered, and I look foward to serving Smiler
[18:22] Sohail: ur going to serve?
[18:22] Miyouki 85: Yeah, I think so.
[18:23] Sohail: why?
[18:25] Miyouki 85: (Yay, another friend is going to get angry at me .. Frowner )

1) because Ive always wanted to
2) because I want to do something great with myself
3) because I love being of service to others
4) because I get a paycheck and benefits
5) I want to be part of something greater
[18:25] Miyouki 85: than myself
[18:25] Miyouki 85: I want to be like the smart girl I used to be. I lost a lot of my fantastic personality because my family restrained me so much. I need to break free from that, and do what I've always wanted to.
[18:25] Miyouki 85: I need to get my character back. And I know army values will sure help me get back on track.
[18:25] Sohail: then go for it
[18:26] Sohail: I just wanted to know why
[18:26] Miyouki 85: Great!!! *tackles you*
[18:26] Sohail: it is your right and your choice to do what you feel is best for you
[18:26] Sohail: *falls back and twirls you around*
[18:26] Miyouki 85: ^_^
[18:27] Miyouki 85: Wheee!! You have no idea how angry everyone is with me... some refuse to talk to me. They say they'll hate me if I join. And I havent told my mom and dad (ive told my sisters and brothers) because I know my dad WILL have a heart attack...
[18:27] Miyouki 85: But I cant go in combat because Im a woman.. that should relieve them... I hope..
[18:27] Sohail: never know
[18:27] Sohail: because combat can come to you
[18:27] Miyouki 85: I know. And I have to be prepared then. Just the same thing with anyone's life. You don't know how though it's going to get!

Edit: Why is there a form that asks for me to list all the people in my family? What is going to be done with this list, I mean, are they going to try to recruit my brother, and my sister? They would kill me again for the fourth time. *laughs* But serisouly, why?

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You only have to pay in to the chapter 30 (Active Duty) GI Bill. In the Guard you will have the chapter 1606, no payment required.

Do you really think your recruiter will drive you to drill for the next 6 years? If he's puting 2 soldiers in a month to several different units, do you think he has time to pick them up every drill? Do you think your recruiter will even be there 3 years from now?

As far as lodging at the armory; each one is different. It would be best to ask the members of the unit.

If you are ordered to duty outside of your armory, they will provide lodging, food, and transportation; or reimberse you for it.

You really should look into the Army Reserve as well. I've known too many people who transfered from guard to Reserve and were glad they did.

Oh yeah, women get ordered into combat too. It's not quite as easy since you can't have a combat arms MOS but it happens all the time. Jessica Lynch was in a transportaion unit.

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I'm a First Year Computer Science major and I know 4 foreign languages (currently learning Japanese and Russian, in addition to those (English, Portuguese, Spanish and French).
Just giving a coment on what you typed above. If I could I'd reccommend you for Sergeant with no problems.
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Computer Science I would Suggest that you look into the MOS of either 25B, 25Q, 25N. I am a 25B and the 25Q and 25N in my unit are currently working on similar equipment (VOIP and Cisco Systems)

Also, generally your National Guard Unit members take care of one another. Nearly always someone will live close by enough that they can carry you to drill.

Your unlikely to get a Hotel Room overnight if you don't live at least 50 miles away from your unit. But sometimes special things can be arranged or they can let you bunk down in the armory but it depends on your unit.

And everything that is required for your military duties will be provided as well as meals while at training.

Signal Corps - 25B, 25M
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