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Diversion Waivers

im a 20 year old male thinking about joining the ks national gaurd, but when i was 18 i made a few bad decisions and got arrested for a DUI and a CDP i got diversions on both of these charges and the cases were dismissed, so i was never technically convicted i assume that i will still have to get a waiver for these screw ups, however will they keep me from doin certain jobs in the military, when i took the asvab in high school i got a AFQT of 97 and high scores on all of the other sections and it was suggested that i look into the army intelligence will this keep me from doin that?
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yes it can! some of the jobs if not most of them require you to of never recieved a DUI or DWI charge. talk to a recruiter and see what they tell you cause each state is diffrent..
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what is a CDP? controlled drug possession? if so you CANNOT join the Army.

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