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Anyone have any helpful tips about bct? I just joined the National Guard, never been in the service before. I have a lot of buddies that are in the army now.
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You can read over this page ( for some helpful info.
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go to your drill weekends with your RSP THEY WILL GET YOU READY FOR BCT!! you will be reaady for BCT better than any other branch of service that just throw you to the at least with RSP you will get first hand accounts of what BCT will be like, you will know 7 army valuse ranks structer ETC just for attending drill weekend. you will have a blast enjoy.
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Ya keep your mouth shut in formation, dont try to get funny with the drill sergeants, dont be a jack ass, and dont try to fight everyone other than that you really just turn your civilian brain off and let the army teach you everything from marching to getting in shape, and remember sometimes things are going to suck but you will be alright i promise!

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