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WTC waiting game!

Does anyone have any knowledge reguarding the average wait time for attending WTC after you enlist? I was told 30-60 days wait just to 'GET YOU IN THE SYSTEM" and then you have a better chance of obtaining a more realistc WTC date????
The only regulation I could find was the 180 days after enlistment, etc.etc.? Thanks all!

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Bro I waited like 2 weeks...and thats the normal reception time at Fort Sill for anybody, WTC or new kids.

Are you in a SWCC unit? Who you with? I was stationed in SD for 5yrs.

One you "enlist" (reenlist) at MEPS you will be sent to Fort Sill, regardless what your orders say, for reception/in-processing...takes like 2 weeks...this is where you get all your uniforms, take care of getting you in the system for pay, etc. After that you join up with the next available class, again regardless of what your orders say. I was supposed to go to White Sands sometime in May, I was in Fort Sill recep battalion in March...after reception I got in the next class that started mid-april there at Fort Sill. Be prepared for reception battalion at Fort Sill, its all Drill Sgt's and they treat everybody like its their first day in the military (more of a headache than anything.) Oh and b/c we were prior service, for all branches prior service, we got back of the line privi's...I waited in finance for 3 days to get in-processed, all the new kids were able to just come in and get processed while I waited....and waited....and waited...and waited! good luck to you dude. if you have any more questions just email me at

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