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My husband is leaving for basic in a couple weeks and then he will be going straight to AIT for 68P (rad tech). I know that the AIT is supposed to be 46 weeks, but he already has his associates degree in radiology technology. His recruter can't give him even a ball parks guess at how long he will have to be in AIT. All he can tell us is that it shouldn't be the full 46 weeks.
My question: Has anyone been through 68P AIT with their degree? How long were you there?

Thank you for ANY information you can give me...
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I went thru 68P AIT a few years ago and if he's already a registered tech then he should only be their a few weeks. One guy I knew was already an rt and they weren't aware so they tried to put him thru the whole course. It took a few weeks but once they got everything straightened out he went to his first duty station. If I remember correctly, it was waiting for orders to be cut that took the most amount of time. Hope this helps, let me know if you have more questions about this MOS and I'll give you the best info I can.
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