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There are a LOT of really cool programs that support our troops deployed to any location! helps provide our Soldiers who don't have many people to write them back home (or those who would like pen pals and care packages) I signed up on their website at the beginning of my current deployment and have had many people write to me just to say "Thank You". Most of these volunteers do not expect any letters in return but of course welcome them. They just want our troops to know they are not forgotten. Other really cool programs are: - they donate dogtags to units that simply say "With Love, from (Mom or Dad)" They will engrave the country you are deployed to, and the date. They offer them in english and spanish and are Free. They help boost morale of the kiddos back home. - will help our Soldiers get some reading material or even some games to help reduce stress and pass the time

operation happy note- will ship an instrument to a deployed Soldier. They are a small operation but try to meet requests.

A lot of our Soldiers do not know about these organizations that are designed to boost morale. No matter what is in the media, there are still a LOT of people who still support the Military and all of us who serve.
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