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Security Clearance and Infidelity

Quick question. My husband is on tcs orders and required a ts clearance for this job. He has been here for almost a year and is slated to go back to his regular unit. The thing is, since he's been here at his tcs...he's been out drinking and cheating on me, his wife. I have proof of all this. Can this affect his security clearance if the Army finds out he's been doing these dishonest things while he's supposed to be doing his job?

I'm not trying to be vindictive or anything but he's been very dishonest and emotionally abusive to me and my son. I am at the point where I want a divorce because I know I can never trust him again. We've been married 10 years.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.
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Not vindictive but you want to see if this could take his clereance away, huh?

If he is so bad the best thing for you and your son is to divorce him and get full custody, of course all this done through the courts, not the Army, that is if you are not vindictive.

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I'm asking because when it's time to go get a divorce, my reason is because of infidelity. I don't want to damage his career because in the long run it will hurt my son.

I AM NOT THE ONE WRONG HERE. I did not cheat on this marriage...and spend family money on booze. I am simply asking if the Army finds out that the reason for divorce is infidelity, could it affect his clearance.

I have an appointment with Jag and I'm sure I'll find out anyway. I was just hoping to get someone's opinion.
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JAG are the ones to ask. I have never heard of a divorce decree being "proof" for a case of infidelity though. Usually it has to be investigated by the Chain and have photos or videos or DNA to be proven. But if the army proves he was then yes he will lose his clearance and his career will be in jeopardy.

As far as not being in the wrong, you are right. You didn't cheat on him. I hope all goes well with you and your boy.

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Just go through civilian courts. If you don't want the Army to know about his infidelity and thus affecting his career, it's up to you to keep that information private. I've been through a divorce with a similar situation and my wife kept her rank and everything because I didn't not go to her chain of command with the issues. I just filed for a divorce and was prepared to use the infidelity as ammo if she was going to be unreasonable.

Crappy situation. I hope this helps.
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Nobody said its your fault or that you are wrong, I just said that if you are not trying to be vindictive just get a divorce, get away from him and move on with your life, why go through all the other stuff, just cause more trouble for him and you and your kid.

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I'm an intelligence analyst, that means we also handle the security clearance side of the house as well. I will tell you that reports of infidelity can go either way for a soldier's clearance status. First, if there is proof of the infidelity, the military can court martial him for misconduct. Second, this action would lead to suspension in the soldier's clearance status. Third, if the infidelity is not reported to the military it will eventually arise during his clearance update interviews. Now, that being said---that is how it should happen. However, it does not always follow this procedure--it is after all the military.
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According to AR 380-67 (Personnel Security) Chapter 2-200, Security Clearances can be denied for (among many other things) "Criminal or dishonest conduct", and "Acts of omission or commission that indicate poor judgement, unreliability or untrustworthiness". That being said, unless his alleged infidelity was with another service member or affecting his job performance, nobody will really care.
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Thank you everyone for your responses. The other woman is also an intelligence analyst. I have spoken to her several times, caught my husband at her house twice. The first time she did not know he was married...the second time she did. She knew because I showed up at her house looking for my husband. Now, they both have "top secret" clearances. My husband is supporting his unit in Iraq here. Is it not a security breach for him to be acting immoral and having an affair? I don't really get into all this "spy" junk but couldn't someone blackmail or use this affair to get information from him? We are in D.C. I am hurt, but I'm over all the marriage stuff...I'm concerned about his unit. My husband has "admitted" to me that he started this relationship with this woman because they could talk about work. This other woman has wizened up because now she says "I have PROOF that he won't leave me alone". This leads me to believe that she knows/feels she can get into trouble for messing with a married man.
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This is a traumatizing experience and I've had a similar one. My husband is actually a JAG and an intelligence officer who "broke up" with me, his terms, from Iraq. I was completely floored--didn't see it coming and it's taken months of therapy and conditioning to get over it and I'm not sure I ever will. I'm positive he's having an affair with another JAG officer and I've thought about court-martialing him and getting into all of that but I thought that would be more embarrassing to me. Who likes the whole world to know that your husband cheated on you. One thing I do have is an ace up the sleeve. He doesn't want to go to trial because he lied to everyone, including his boss, a U.S. senator, his family, his friends and myself, about deploying to Iraq. He said he was deployed--but I found out later that he volunteered. If that didn't put a strain on the relationship, nothing could. Well, I don't think he wants that coming out in court documents, and believe me, it will. He's finally admitted to the deception. If it comes out in court documents, the Army might have to ask him about it during his clearance exams. He's ashamed that he lied about going (not ashamed that he's divorcing me and still lying about the affair--says they're just friends.) This has been an awful experience but you can't let it get you down. It's very hard to prove infidelity and in the end, you might go to all the trouble (and expense) of proving it to no avail. But, don't you have something else that might come up at trial that he doesn't want coming up? Then you can at least get something out of this as leverage to meet your goals. My heart goes out to you and I'm so sorry this happened. I know because I've been there. As if war and separation aren't enough, now we've got to deal with these miscreants who parade around like heroes! Unbelievable. I'm also in D.C.--seems like this is becoming a common theme here. I've heard so many cases--not that it makes you feel better. Please be good to yourself and know that there are others out there in the same boat--and WE'VE got to soldier on.
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Wow Crabbys, your post really made me feel better. I've also heard and experienced that D.C. is almost a cesspool for this kind of activity. Every military person that is here linked with my husband, working for this company, working here on behalf of their units in Iraq, have or are "cheating" on their loved ones. It's disgusting that these people pass these security clearances and go about this immoral and anti-security activities. Before we left our last duty station to come here...while going through the preliminary questioning and whatnot, my husband came home and told me "Wow, I could get into a lot of trouble or even go to prison if I mess this up". It cracks me up because now he acts like I can't touch him. It really does disgust me that there are so many families broken up because of this "protection" that these men/women are getting. I mean, if these people can CHEAT on their spouses, who is to say that they can't be bought for the information they keep??? This is my point. Will no one look at these activities and say this could be a danger to the men/women in Iraq??

But thank you Crabbys. I'm sorry your situation has happened to you too. It does suck but I know I can get through this. What sucks the most is that my son has seen first hand what kind of man his father is. I have lost so much respect for not only my husband, but for all the other men/women in this country that are in these positions...meant to be honest, have integrity...blah blah blah and they keep doing these terrible things. I'm still waiting to see someone in JAG. They seem to be really busy around this area! LOL I can see why. I know there are some honest people out there that stay true to their families and to their countries but I'm finding that they are few and far between.
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Originally posted by Shi Shi Girl:
I have lost so much respect for not only my husband, but for all the other men/women in this country that are in these positions...

Wow. So you no longer trust anyone in the US who holds a security clearance?

Your husband is scum, but I think you've somehow lumped myself, my wife, and all my co-workers into a niche we don't belong in. I know you're venting, but direct it at who it should be directed at...your husband. Don't direct it at me.
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SSG left out the part where I said I know that there are some honest people out there...

I am in no way saying that EVERY person in those jobs are liars. I'm sure you and your wife and all your co-workers are very good people. I'm just saying in this specific area where I live and where my husband works, there are many corrupt people.

And husband is scum. I honestly have this theory that he came here...felt like "mission impossible" and ran with it. We were always happy up until this point. He has even admitted to me that he was so tied down before and felt a sense of freedom here. Ugh...disgusting. You don't dump your family of 13 years because you wanted some freedom....and you definitely don't put your unit in danger because you have an itch in your pants.

But SSG Prophet, I did not mean to offend you or imply that ALL people in this field are dishonest.
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I have a clearance ... can you trust me?!?! Big Grin

It's YOUR career! Take control of it before someone else does.
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It is unfortunate that your husband cheated on you, but it happens, and in the long run you need to ask yourself, "would you want to stay with this guy until the very end?" He was going to cheat regardless what you did or didn't do, so attempting to go through all the "what if's" will only make you sick with stress.

If you are looking to get a divorce I would bypass the whole military piece. JAG will be able to create or start the seperation process but they won't be able to get your divorce. They can guide you to maybe some affordable divorce lawyers. Any negative effect you place on the soon to be "ex-husband" will effect your potential for child support. You take his rank, TS/SCI clearance, then you will lose out as well. He gets a job at McDonald's working the french fries deep fryer, you won't get very much in support. He stays in the Army and his benefits would cover your son. Before throwing rounds down range, I would think of the potential outcome or fallout if you burn every bridge. Get a divorce but don't throw a grenade into the fuel dump and then ask why he can't pay as much support each month. You would be cutting your own throat.

People cheat in the military, the cheat in the civilian work place as well. It is sad that it happens because it will effect his relationship with his son. In the long run he will see he screwed up by his mistakes and that other woman won't trust him or want him because she will remember how the two of them met, so if he sees another potential piece of --- then he may dump her as well and chase someone new. You are better off without him. I hope you find the guy who treats you right. They are still out there. it is a difficult road ahead but it will get better over time.

I am not covering for this service member, I am just saying that he is screwing up his family, his carrer, and his relationship with his son. You do what you think is right.
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