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MEB and Training deployments...

this is more of a complaint...than a cry for help...its actually pretty funny to me becasue it will come back to bite my COC in the *ss. I am being boarded out of the army, my MEB is complete and has been forwarded to the PEB for evaluation(find out what rating they will offer me; fit/unfit ETC) I HAve a permanent u-3 and L-3 profile. It is a complete beyond dead man profile, i cant wear boots, I cant lift for than 5 lbs. and i cant stand up for more than 2 minutes..also i am non deployable...which would be the case since i am boarding anyway. however, My unit is going on a 30 day field problem/ training mission to PTA on the big island in hawaii, i am statioed on oahu... my problem with this is i have arthiritis in my right foot and i really cant stadn up for long, and i understand that the mission requirements from me are basically nothing, they need me there for a "body" however what about loading unloading my bags? will i have a personal assistant following me around carrying my stuff for me...also standing in line at the DFAC/ there is only one of each at the training area. and alot of people are going, the lines will be is also in the mountains and will require me to do alot of walking up and down hill, i am convinced that this will not be any good for me, however my command is hell bent on taking me...i think out of spite...not that it matters becasue if my PEB eval comes in while i am there...they have to and yes HAVE TO fly me going to laugh if it comes in like the day after we get tehre...because my unit is complaining about reserving unit funds yet they are wasting resourced and sending me oout there..i dont really care, i'll ger per diem and will save on gas money since i wont be driving my car every free food at teh dfac...but it will be an inconvenience for me...but i hope that if my condition worsens..that i can prove it. so that i can get my commander relieved...just for GP....

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