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Getting no sympathy or answers, please help.(ERD/PCS/TDY)

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Just a word of warning. I can understand your frustration here with what is going on and with some of the frustration on the advice you have received. Some of the things you have based some of your plans on may or may not be the case for Alaska. I was stationed in Alaska and is a unique duty station. Here is how. For some things, it is considered oversees. For others it is considered CONUS. Yes this is weird I know. You mentioned that you are aware of thousands receiving BAH for where their families are and then either staying in the barracks OCONUS or getting over seas housing allowance. If my memory is correct it is called "BAH Save" and it is usually for places like Korea or other "Hardship" duty stations. Not duty stations like Alaska. The best thing to do is to Contact the Finance office, G1 or S1 at Alaska and verify that this is even possible. Because you may be making this plan and then in for another huge heart break and there you will be again with another angry and upset episode. The BAH Save began so that people did not have to do a hardship (1 year) away from family and because they had to live in the barracks they lost their BAH. Yes common sense was even worse back in the day. Then someone helped us out because they figured out that it was like Soldier had to pay to be away from their families for a year. Much like we had to loose our BAS when we went to the field for a week. It was like we had to pay to go to the field. Also, when you go to Alaska it will depend on your rank if you can even stay in a barracks. When I was there, if you were a Geo Bachelor you did not and could not stay in the Barracks at all because there was no space at all. Only E5 and below stayed in the barracks and no one that was geo separated was allowed. Also, they did not even have a BEQ for Senior Enlisted or BOQ for Officers. I highly highly suggest that you contact the Barracks, housing, Finance, S1 and G1 for Alaska and make sure that you do not wait until you get there and then get your plans spoiled. Just because you read it in JFTR or somewhere else for that matter. There may be a USARAK reg or something else for that matter that may circumvent that because they have gottnen permission from higher HQ because of the issues that they are facing because of the influx of units they have had in the past decade. Good luck to you and your wife.
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AER could help a little with immediate costs associated with your family's situation. It isn't much, but it could help to buy you some time while you figure this out.
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I'm pretty sure this issue has been resolved being it was posted over a year ago.
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Originally posted by SgtHoover:
My mother in law is dying of cancer and i tried to ERD my wife back to canada, which is where her and her mother are from. The ERD was kicked back from reassignments due to me being on orders to ft wainwright. now they are saying there is no option for me to send my wife and daughter to canada. i have to pay to ship them, our stuff, and pay her rent there, and when the situation there changes and its time for her to join me at wainwright, i will have to pay it all again, and i get no benefits for her while she is there(bah, fam sep, cola, nada!.) obviously timing is crucial, had my assignment not come up for another 2 weeks the erd would have gone through already. its aug 16th today, my DEROS from here in Hawaii is not till nov 29th. i have tried to contact branch, IG, all the travel, finance, legal, and family travel offices, literally every single person has a diff answer or they just dont know. should i call the post or division commander? my congressman? there must be someway. i mean cmon, the womans mother is dying, the army cant pay her rent while she stays with her?? i will live in barracks, i dont not worried about fam sep pay either, hell i will pay for the ticket, but i should at least get the benefits i am getting right now. please if you have any helpful info about any of me out. thanks

If you can't get help for that and if you can't pay it all outright, see if you can an AER loan you will have to make payments on an AER loan, as I am, but that is what I had to get for my Emergency Leave when my grandmother died. You will have to pay for it no matter what because The military doesn't even pay for Airplanes when you go on normal Emergency Leave.

It is unfortunate that she is losing a loved one but the army is not going to halt everything it's doing to ship her 'free-of-charge' you have to figure out what is going to be needed and plan accordingly to this Emergency Situation for her. And no they will not pay for rent if you are going to stay in the barracks. I know this for a fact unfortunatly, friend of mine went through that. Once you opt to stay in the barracks you are denying yourself that extra money for your family.

Sympathy, I feel it... But you gotta be more proactive in those situations and realize there are things the army is not going to hold peoples hands for that's why they pay you. You are in charge of your budget and if you can't figure out how to allot that budget There are options you have to get such things as loans and such. You can also try for Emergency leave with her but that's more money your talking.
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wow... you guys are special....

did you notice the date when this thread was created, and when the last person posted before it was brought back to life?

how do you guys find these old posts?
its not like they are on the latest post box... you had to have gone through pages of old posts and then you got some crazy thought in your head that you had something to contribute to this 2 year old post.
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Normally due to a search result from an external source.

In the case of this subforum, the post would have been about 1/3rd of the way down the first page. Either way, SPC Rabbitzan should review the posting guidelines link in my signature.

This is a ten level task
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