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Transferring into VA NG

I'm a PV2 Topographical Analyst in the Minnesota National Guard and am looking to move to VA for better educational oppurtunities. (Wish to study Military History at VA Tech) Wondering if anybody can offer me guidance as to possible units. that would possibly need at TOPO? Much Appreciated!
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I used to be in the Virginia Army National Guard (29th MP Co., Virginia Beach). It's a great Guard state and VA Tech is a great school.

There are a lot of military posts in the state that have Guard units. Tech is pretty close to Fort Pickett, where the state command is located. There may be a unit in Blacksburg, but I am positive there is one in South Boston, VA. I don't know who the recruiter is right now, but they are always helpful. I know, because that is where I grew up and where I decided to enlist. They should help you find a home in Virginia.

Here is the #: (434) 575-5783

Let me know how it goes!
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