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info on 13F

Im a 13P stationed at FT Sill. Im thinking about changing over to 13F but not sure exactly what they do. I heard all the rumors but want the real info. I dont get a chance to work for any where im at. Just want a brief synopsis is all. more importantly interested in what they do when they go to the field.

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The job is one of the more interesting ones in the Army. Here is my definition "Smart infantrymen with a lot of fire power at our command" Most of us are imbedded in inf/cav companies/troops, we do everyhting they do but are the subject matter experts on all forms of indirect. We now are also multitasking as the company intel cells so that is some more things to do when we go out of the wire.

Your at Sill go and talk to some of the 13F drill SGT's they will answer all your questions.
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