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68X AIT?

I am enlisting in the army as a 68x. I was wondering what AIT was like? And is there just one school to be a 68X or is there more than one. I'm kind of having trouble finding information.
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68X - Mental Health SPC AIT is located at Fort Sam Houston, TX. That is the only place 68Xs are trained.
AIT is sort of like college. You wake up early, do PT, go to chow, go to class, go back to formation and you are released from there. You also do a Field Training Exercise. At first it will be like Basic Training, but that will change depending on the maturity of the class. AIT is nothing real exciting. Nothing like the real army. Just get through it. :-)

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Thank you so much! I've been trying to find out as much information as possible before I choose a job. But I'm pretty sure that this is what I'm going to do. So what is an average day like doing the job?
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I'm researching several medical careers before deciding on the best option. The good thing about this one is that shouldn't be hard to get this job if I decide I want it, based on what I've read about it being understaffed. I'd think that the beautiful part of this job is helping people heal their minds and emotions, which is probably the most powerful and important healing a person can do. How much of your time is spent actually counseling people vs. menial paperwork and such? Also, what does this qualify you to do outside of the Army, if anything? Or would college be required for any related civilian job?

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The quality of being a 68X really depends on where you go. If you end up in a MEDDAC and have strong leaders that will fight for you to practice your skills than you could be at minimum able to conduct triage assesments on patients unscheduled and walking into your clinic. At the worst you may be thrown into administrative paper pushing which is very discouraging to the new baby troop fresh out of AIT expecting to be conducting full initial intakes, group therapy and testing. It's hit or miss if you get assigned to a Brigade Combat Team and the priority the commander has for ensuring you have adequate amount of experience in your work. I can't say this based off experience but just from word of mouth the best place a 68X could be assigned is in a Combat Stress Control Unit where your amongst majority 68X peers and psych officers. There you will at least have the support you need for proper career progression and skill development.
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