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fort bragg or hawaii

My husband is just coming out of school and his 1st sgt pulled strings to get my husband to PCS to Hawaii. He's the only one going. The condition is that when we get there, he will immediately join up with his deployed unit. If we don't go to Hawaii then we get Fort Bragg and it's one year till deployment time. I'm not concerned about doing the solo thing while he's deployed, but I have never had to set up housing and deal with the transporation office on my own. I don't want to step on the 1st Sgt toes either. It's nice to have him on our side and not against us. My question is how easy is it to set up housing in Hawaii or should we wait until the next opportunity and just go to Fort Bragg? Which is the better place? He's an E-5 now, could we even afford Hawaii? Any advice would be helpful. We only have two days to make a decision.
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Hawaii is a nice place to live and yes it is somewhat a little more expensive but not much more than most of the military post. Groceries are somewhat cheaper on post then off post. Also dealing with housing and transportation isn't really that hard. They will work with you.
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Thanks for the reply. Just one more question. How soon can I expect to have housing, whether on post or off post? What's the typical amount of time before someone is settled in a house in Hawaii?
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I am going to assume you are going to 25ID opposed to USARPAC. (Schofield vs. Shafter)

Schofield Barracks, is located right in town of Wahiawa. When we were deployed 06-08 They tore down the golf course and built all brand new housing, and a lot of it. Housing is also on Wheeler AAF (right across the street) Helemano (up the road like 2 miles maybe) and down towards Tripler AMC there is housing also. With deployment people historically, in at least 25ID, family members clear housing and went back to the mainland.

Alternatively, it was more cost effective for me and my family to live off post. BAH for an E-5 is something like 2k+ IIRC. The duty zip code for Schofield is 96857, you should be able to look that up via DFAS and find out exactly what it is.

Ewa Beach/ Iriqious Point is just down the road and is a great subdivision to live in. Guarded entrances lawn service etc. For a 4 bedroom place I paid 1650/month.

Hawaii is an awesome place for the first year. You get to do and see cool stuff you may have never, nor will ever see again. But island fever starts to set in around, for me, year 4.

Remember though, Mahalo means "Thank You" not "Trash Can".


$ 2043.00

E-5 without DEPENDENTS:
$ 1757.00
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Iriqious Point was bought out and renamed to The Waterfront At Puuloa and the housing there isn't that cheap anymore. I was paying about $1625 for a 3-bed 1.5-bath about 1300 sq.ft., single house. There is a "pet rent" at $50 a month per pet, limit of 2 pets. And my average utility bill was $150 a month. If you are working on schofield, it is about 20 miles one way and during rush hour can take about 40-70 minutes to get home in the evenings. When I was in Waterfrint, I left my house by 4:50 in the morning to make sure I was able to get on base before my 6:00 formation. If I had left my house at 5:20, I would certain I would be late. I personally don't like it there anymore, cause there have been some unsavory characters move in that my neighbors and I agreed that they were potential theives. So we all three ended up moving shortly after they were caught breaking into someone's house down the road. Last I heard is that the beach was open to the public and all you needed to get past the gate was a license to drive.

Aside from that, I recommend you to goto Diamond Head and to the very top. My parents said it is worth the PT to get there.

Here is the site for Puuloa if you want to check it out:
The Waterfront At Puuloa
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Make sure you have a power of attornery both general and specific for housing and transportation. Because without it there isnt much you can do without your husband there.
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