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Moving PCS date?

Hello everybody once again!

I have a question and was hoping someone would be be able to answer it. I reenlisted for Ft Carson, back in March of 2013, but my report date wasn't till SEPT of 2014. Then a few months ago I noticed it changed to July. I don't know how, but it did. Now I was wandering if anyone knows if it is possible to request an EARLIER report, without having to wait for my orders to be cut. As far as I can tell I have to talk to my Retention officer to see my options, BUT I would like to find out anything on this beforehand. Any information on this would be very helpful. THANK YOU!
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Contact your branch manager, see if they can change your report date.
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You can't doing anything without orders. You need orders to clear your current post and you need orders to inprocess your new post. Unless there is something out there I don't know.
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