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Here's the deal. I was informed today that I have a M-SLC date for 11 August 2011 by my 1SG and by my schools NCO. However upon looking in ATRRS, Ft. Benning, and Ft. Knox websites, there is no course date of 11 August for M-SLC. I tried calling the Ops # for the Henry Caro NCOA at Benning and got nothing but answering machines all day. Does anyone know of someone that works at the NCOA down at Benning that could perhaps shed some light on this?

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here ya go
Henry Caro directory

I had to get in contact with the NCOA months ago, problem was there directory number list was all jacked up, right numbers wrong names.

All else fails call Staff Duty and ask for M-SLC NCOIC or 1SG
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