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ANCOC in route

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Ok as a few of you all know I am on recruiting dutyand coming up on the end within 6 months (FINALLY). I was wanting to try and get ANCOC in route to my next assignment. Who would I talk to about this? My branch manager? Also if I were to be able to get this would I still leave my current assignment the same time and just report to my gaining unit later or would I leave my current unit sooner?
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Although your Branch Manager handles your ANCOC slots, your S-3/G-3 (Schools NCO) places you on orders to go and handles the TDY enroute or TDY & return requests.

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I know the question is five years old now, but I am in the same situation, and I talked to branch, and he told me I am going TDY en route. I had no choice about it. So, talk to branch. I am getting out about 3 months after my assignment is ending, but I will be out of here soon.

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Pretty ironic this thread came back up. I did not get it enroute. I went to Kuwait. Wanna take a guess what my assignment was leaving Kuwait? Thats right, I was an SGL at the NCO academy. I knocked ANCOC out when I first got there and then was an ANCOC SGL for 2 years.
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