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Balfour Beatty Communities (Fort Stewart) Beware!

Not looking for any help with anything but pretty much ranting. I am a SSG who has lived in 3 different on post housings. I've always said it's not your duty station it's your leadership. Well, same thing said about housing. It's not the housing itself, it's the people that run it. I had placed multiple work orders for small things since being here at Fort Stewart, doors coming off hinges, spray for spiders that nest all over the outside and then come inside the house, AC leaking and then causing the floor to bubble up. Each time they give me a hassle about it as if it's something that I have done. They sent out three different people to fix the AC in one week when the temps outside were above 85 degrees. Because the AC unit outside was freezing up somehow the inside was leaking which made the floor bubble up. The manager said he would have to inspect it to make sure it wasn't my fault before they fix it. Well, he never showed at the time he told me and then couldn't come for another week. I have big dogs that if given the opportunity they will pull up the rest of the flooring. So for a week we had to place a ottoman in the middle of the hallway so my dogs couldn't get to it. They finally fixed it. Not sure if anyone has lived in GA before but if you have you know how bad spiders and ants are down here. They infest everything! I asked them to spray for spiders outside and inside because they have been coming into the house and we found a huge nest in my daughter’s room. The woman on the phone said if you properly cleaned the outside and inside that spiders wouldn't nest. That's bulls*** because I'll knock down spider webs outside and the next day they are there again. This dumb lady has no idea what she is talking about. Needless to say they finally came and sprayed but guess what, still spiders all over our house. Finally, the door hinge came off, I tried screwing it back in wouldn't work. Put a work order in. My surprise they came right away and fixed it. I recently put my 30 days notice in and now another door same thing. I tried fixing it even putting 3 inch wood screws in it and it won’t stay in. Tried getting a work order for it and the woman says unless it's an emergency we can't fix anything within a 30 day notice and you'll be responsible for it. Hello!!! It happened on another door and it's happening may think that there is some shifting in the house or the weather change which makes it compress and decompress. So moral of the story, SAVE YOUR BAH AND DON'T LIVE ON FORT STEWART. I've also heard horror stories about trying to clear and that people always pay out of pocket for even small things so I'll come back on here and let everyone know if I get charged for bogus stuff.
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My experience at Balfour at Fort Gordon was excellent. I did not decide to live on post at Fort Carson.

Sorry. If I was you; I submit and ICE card immediately and go to your next town hall meeting and complain to the IMCOM Commander.
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