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This is kinda long sorry. I was originally supposed to report for reclass training to 11B on 6 March and then upon graduation go to Ft. Campbell on 10 June. Up untill today my unit told me that I would go TDY enroute and just do an early report. In essence clearing my current base, going to school, and then going to Campbell. I had my reassignment briefing today and they told me that I am PCS'ing first and my final out was the 30th of January and that I needed to put in for PSC leave and have my family and myself there on 13 February. I would sign in to replacement and then get assigned to my unit, then go to infantry school TDY and return to Campbell. I won't have orders until after the holidays and I am VERY confused. Will i be able to get on the housing list for Campbell while still at my current duty station or is this going to be a pay out of pocket for a hotel room situation. BEcause I have been planning this whole time to PCS in June not February and don't have enough saved up yet. At the reassignment brief she told me to contact my gaining unit Brigade and ask for a sponsor and they would help me get situated. All I know is that I am going to 2nd Brigade and when I called them they werent much help stating that I wouldnt get a sponsor until I get there. Does anyone have any expierence with a situation like mine? I really dont want to show up to my new unit all chewed up with family housing issues! Thanks in advance
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