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Problem with houseing

I have a problem, when I PCSed to a new station I asked to recieve BAH so that when my family arrived they could move right in because I am not availible to help. I asked my NCO, and on the spot he called our 1SG, he approved it, but it wasn't his place to approve it. SGT and below have to be approved by the garison CSM. That was in DEC 09, Ive been approved from March 1 and on, the problem is I signed for housing, and from the DEC to the 1st is $4000.00 out of my base bay that I really don't have to waist. What Can I do? Thing's to know: my wife and I are daul millitary, we had our first kid on March 1st, before we were both getting signle rate at the same station, but are stationed seperatly not by choice. Last I'm in a school that is over a year long, I don't think that will make a difference but who knows.
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Hi Pick up: I know there are Finance and Housing and Transportation gurus on this board somewhere. But my specialty is ACS - and soldiers and families - therefore, I cannot address your exact concerns and I do not know where you are or where your family is - but if your spouse cannot get the questions answered, she can call ACS wherever she is and they will walk here through this and link her up with the correct POC's. That's what we do. It's called Information and Referral Services - one of our core programs. Best wishes on your family's relocation. Also, there is the Plan My Move website for the new location - it is on the militaryhomefront website. Get on the website - go to Plan My Move, and then link on your family's new post for all the Relocation Info your spouse may need. Plus, there is tons of info regarding Relocation for your spouse on Your spouse can call them 24/7, 1-800-342-9647. They are not as helpful in the evenings I have noticed - why - not as many supervisors around? Call during the day, my opinion.
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Thank s Ill check it out.
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