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I have a few questions about 35L. First I want to know if having tattoos would negatively impact the performance of your job. I'm talking about ones that would be obscured while wearing a short sleeved shirt. Second, once I'm MOS qualified what kind of rules will govern my daily life, whether it be personal or while on duty? Does this job cause any sort of hardship on the family other than what they normally go through while I'm working late, in the field, or deployed? I've been in the army for 8 years now and it will be 11 by the time I'm done with recruiting duty. Will AIT get me caught up with everything that I need to know as a staff sergeant or will I have to go to more schools after that? Any information I can get would be helpful.

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35L is not an entry level job. If Army is letting you become one, you should expect that you will receive necessary training.

Tattoos would be inadvisable according to Google.

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