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35G Training in IBCT Environment

Hello, I recently was chosen to be the squad leader of my 35G squad. My squad consist of 5 35G's the other squads are all 35F's. On days we aren't having training and doing paperwork my soldiers are either stuck training with the Foxes on briefings skills, and fox based duties. I know how it is to be stuck in this situation as I just recently picked up P status and moved to squad leader position. Unfortunately we dont always have access to the SCIF or a classified area to conduct training on our IWS. I was wondering what other 35G's in the same leadership position as me are doing with their soldiers on downtime to keep their Gulf skills sharp. My guys are tired of doing round robin briefs and really want to get them looking at imagery. I know there is an unclassified WARP but I still need a program I can put on my personal computer so my guys can take turns manipulating imagery. I would use google earth, also, but I need internet access in order to do this.

If anyone can point me in the correct direction ie a 35G forum or some programs I can install on my computer for unclassified imagery that would be great. Thanks in advance for the help!
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