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Whic 35 series Reclass?

Hello everyone,

I am re-enlisting this year and am going to reclass. 35 series gets my attention because its an MOS that is vital to the military and allows for continued training. I am not sure which one to with though, I have been looking at 35M/35L/ and 35Q. I have read the job descriptions but I'm wanting to here it from people who have done this MOS as descriptions usually don't entail the "Full Package." Here is what I am looking for:

- a job that will keep me active/ busy, I know Intel jobs require computer/desk work, but which job allows for the most human interaction

- with the military going into peacetime, which MOS will let me actually do my job

- A job that will let me to continually advance myself professionally through attending schools/ courses and advance in rank

Finally, I've heard from some sources that certain Intel MOS' are big boy rules and is less army in that aspect. That would be a big factor for me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
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What rank are you? I don't suggest 35M at the moment as it is over strength pretty heavy.


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I'm an E-4.
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I suggest you add 35G to the list, for reasons I have answered in the forum before (please do a search).

It may boil down to a matter of timing. When class seats are open. If you are happy with three explain this to your Career Counselor and just wait for the 1st one to open.
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