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Erroneous S-1

I was talking to my supervisor about re-classing today, and something very interesting come out of this conversation. (History) I am currently serving as a active duty CBRN NCO, in a Trans Company. I enlisted in the Army Reserves as CBRN. I re-classed to 31B, when I went to the National Guard. Now I am being told that technically that my primary MOS is 31B Military Police. I was wondering what that means for re-enlistment and promotions. Also, if any can give me a reference for explanation of primary or secondary. Thank you.
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Primary is the one the Army will think you're working. Secondary is one you're also qualified to do, if the Army really needs it- and you can push paperwork to have the secondary listed and get into a job with that one.

Look up MOS regs on the Googlez and

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What does your ERB say your primary MOS is? what about secondary? whatever with what that s1 says, ERB says it to your career counselor...

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My ERB list CBRN as my primary, and MP as my secondary. CBRN is over strength. I am hoping that MP is going to be my primary.
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