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Cali guard questions...

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Is there a different in/out calls for the guard then it is on active duty or is it the same?

Also how hard will it be for a soldier on active duty to get out and join the guard?
Currently an E4 on the automatic promotion list. Have 5 years of service, getting ready for my 2nd deployment in the summer and new ets date Nov 2014. My mos 25U, but its overstrength and want to get out of it. Hence my reason to see if there is a different in/out calls for the guard.
And one more, haha... sorry just really interested. Is it possible to transfer guard units to another state?

thankyou happy holidays
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as far as i know you can always do a interstate transfer but you gotta call up units and see what units are low in your mos
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Wow, you waited for the SM's ETS year to answer the question since he wrote his question in 2010.
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