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I'm about to start my terminal leave next Thursday, I tried turning in my gear last Thursday but my account at cif is locked because overseas I lost a sideplate and the guy who did my paperwork did not finalize it so my account is locked at cif and I can't turn my gear in, I need help please. What should I do?
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Talk to your supervisor asap. Random people on the internet won't be able to help. Smiler

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+1 ^^^

I never heard of a locked account at probably gonna have to pay for the missing item. But, if you already been to CIF, why didn't you asked them what do you need to do to have it fixed? They will be the right people to ask about this.
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Have CIF get in touch with the CIF that has the pending transaction.

FYI- it's not a locked account, it means that there is a pending transaction that has not been finalized and until it is finalized, no other CIF, can do anything on your clothing records.... The way the ISM system is now, other CIF's can't touch that transaction(whereas before we could delete pending transactions). The individuals at your CIF, should handle the situation especially if the transaction is OCONUS.....they have email addresses to each CIF (managers, PBO's..etc...). there were plenty of times, I had to get in touch with CIF's in Korea to have them finish what they started.
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