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Life for active duty 91B All-wheeled mechanic

So I just got my approval for active duty...whats my life gonna be like working full time for the army...(work time) Will I be able to go off post after I get off of work..Will I have weekends off? Give me a clue.
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Well I can tell you it all depends on the unit you get attached to. Like the OP-TEMPO of a Stryker unit is higher than that of a Light Infantry unit. Generally speaking Army wide you will be having PT/accountability formations at 0630 (0700 if stationed at Ft.Drum)0645-0730 is unit PT, then 730-845 is personal time to shower,eat,get dressed and get ready for the 0900 work call @ designated area..Monday's normally follow in-ranks inspections then command maintenance, daily mission briefs, meetings and work. at 1115 start clean up to go to lunch from 1130-1300, return from lunch work on finishing your tasks to be completed by COB. Start common area/shop clean up around 1630 during the daily end of day NCO meetings after the meetings you will normally go home about 1700-1800. If there is pacing items(as dictated by unit MTOE)in the shop and you have parts to fix it, don't plan on going home until the equipment is FMC. After your released for the day your time is your time until the next formation (normally PT formation) so you can go off post and do what you wanna do. there are time and mileage limits (commanders discretion) usually to go outside of the radius you have to put in for a mileage or 4 day pass. Most of the time you will have weekends off unless you get put on CQ or Staff Duty. If you do well in AIT you can get yourself a slot for H8 recovery school, most of my recovery experience has been trial by fire and some help from FM4-30.31 Recovery and BDAR manual. In most cases maintenance is considered the red-headed bastard children of the unit. Maintenance(with good leaders and mechanics)will make sure your equipment is ready for any mission that comes down the chain. If your a mechanic in a combat environment don't think your just gonna stay inside the wire, you can be put on convoy security, recovery/wrecker support, hell even on the QRF. I was doing infantry things like kicking in doors, 5 man stacks, obstacle breaching, detaining suspects. My personal experiences that life as a mechanic in the active duty Army is what you make of it..if you build a good reputation with the unit they will take care of you..try and learn something new everyday, cross-train and gain technical knowledge, work smarter not harder, work hard and play harder. Also make network connections threw different units.I am gonna end this here. My apologies for rambling on, hope you enjoy active duty.

Maintenance, It's what keeps the Army in the Fight
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