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I just enlisted and I was wondering if they are any 55Ds posting on this board that could give me some ideas of what to look forward to.

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Well you mayknow that our MOS is now 89D. What is it that you are wanting to know about EOD? I am now an instructor at the EOD school at Eglin AFB, FL. We are always looking for good EOD soldiers.
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I always hear a lot of different attrition rates about Army EOD soldiers. What is the real attrition rate for Army soldiers down there?
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I'm an Army 89D in Iraq currently. Here's what to expect from the EOD course: a LOT of tests... tests where one mistake means "try again tomorrow".
But they're all passable. I got through it and now I'm in Iraq having a lot of fun doing a great job.
They'll constantly tell you that the tests are set up for you to pass, and that's true. I didn't believe it at the time, but in retrospect, it was completely accurate.
As for attrition rates: it's pretty high. But you quickly pick out those that aren't going to make it. Study with the people who you think ARE going to make it and you'll be fine. My class started with 28 people, and we graduated with only 3 of the original people.
Hope this helps.
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Just saying the same as EOD Josh it is a difficult shool but you can do it if you want to my class graduated seven only five of us were from day one twowere roll backs. But our honor grad never faild a test. So you can do it if you want to bad enough.
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I have a couple of questions about EOD school...First how long is phase 1 and phase 2? Second what is it about EOD that makes it so hard to pass?
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