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Class A CDL and 88M

Going to join the Washington Army National Guard as an 88M, does having a Class A CDL push me forward at all for school purposes?

I already know some of the people in the unit I"ll be going into, because we all work for the same civilian company. They've said there is no difference at all between driving an army truck and a civilian truck. But they got their CDLs after 88M AIT, and not before.

Any information out there? Because I've been on google for two weeks now, and I can't find a dang thing. Found a bunch of crap from the national guard forums themselves, but just a bunch of diatribe and arguments.

Just to expand, I have Class A CDL, Tanker, HazMat, double/triple trailor, TWIC. and I have already read over the forums site and its just a bunch of useless kids bickering. I have also used google and forums but they don't have anything on it either. and my recruiter doesnt know if it will make any difference for school advancement either or whether or not i could just skip AIT since I can drive any truck with any combination anyway.

Future 88M
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