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Hey everyone...just wanted to know if anyone out there has any help/hints on someone going into the 27d AIT. And if there is anyone who has gone through it, what is the training actually like.
Thank you!
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I was hoping since you've been through AIT now you could tell me what I should study before I leave in 2011. My email is Any help concerning what you learned at AIT as well as what information you've found critical to learn since your first year as a 27D.
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Hey there...I am kind of in the same boat you were in 2010....I am seeing a recruiter tomorrow and was wondering exactly what I have instored on my journey...any information you could give me would be very helpful!

Jessica Ganzevoort
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jessicaR I am currently in ait for 27D and can say that it is easy. everything is taught well and tests are open as long as you know how to take notes and research you will be good
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