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Easter holiday

Easter holiday

I'm stationed at Ft. Gordon right now, going to school as a 25Q. all of us here are wondering if it's a 4 day holiday over Easter weekend. we have some Sargent telling us yes and some telling us no. anyone here have a definite answer? thanks.
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usually easter weekend is not a four-day weekend, or a three-day for that matter. By the way, what part of DE are you from? Newark here.

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Originally posted by Delawaresace:
definite answer?

Any good NCO will know that there is an "official" answer. You should also learn to find out on your own, because, unfortunately, some NCOs won't. And you want to be a GOOD NCO when it's your turn, right?? Smiler

Google "TRADOC FY10 holidays" and you get this:

(FY meaning Army "fiscal year", which goes Oct1 to Sep31.)

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