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Private Investigator??????

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Originally posted by Corvette1140:
I was under the notion that interim clearances weren't put in for but the actual full clearances are.

When you submit for a clearance, you are submitting with the intention of getting a final clearance. However, if someone has justification (like school or deployment or duty position) you can request an Interim at the same time.

All an Interim is is a clearance given "in the interim" based on good faith.

CCF is the adjudicator for clearances, but Interims can be granted locally. On JBLM, they can be granted by Installation Security, based on a review of an applicant's SF86.

The problem with initial entry soldiers is that they don't want to put a soldier who can't get an interim into a job where they may have to sit at school for six months and leave a seat empty because they can't do the training.
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I resubmitted a 1227 and with my updated financials I was awarded clearance. Now to try and get 89D or an MOS that requires clearance!
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Just so you know almost all recruits are given the security interview before they ship to basic training now. Ensure that you give accurate information and life will be good.
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