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Deciding between 13B & 11B

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Hi, new on the site. I've spoken to recruiters & researched online but, I still can't decide between 13B & 11B Mos's. I've been told over & over to pick something else, but I know I wanna go combat arms & I'm too tall to be stuck in an Abrams. Just looking for some input from both sides.
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13B = Pull string, big gun go boom, one shot kill many. Spend tons of time in the field in the cold, end up getting deployed doing infantry crap. Don't have the right to call yourself infantry therefore a POG.

11B= Pull trigger, small gun go boom, one shot one kill. Spend tons of time in the field in the cold, get deployed, get your CIB, get the glory of calling yourself infantry.

Take your pick
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Hey there. Just out of curiosity, how tall are you? I spent 10 years on a tank and have seen quite a few tall guys in my time.
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