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The Truth about 68V?

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How will they know you are prior service? It isn't on your uniform.
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TRADOC 350-6 is clear on how Prior Service personnel are to be treated. Check out Chapter 4-8, paragraph 5:

(5) Privileges for reclassified and prior service personnel.
(a) Although reclassified Soldiers are subject to IET policies and procedures, their privileges are the same as those of permanent party members of equal grade. They are treated with the dignity and respect due their grade. (bold by me)

Essentially, this say the privileges have to be the same between Prior service students/Cadre. For instance, they used to let E-6 Cadre members and above call in to sign out on leave here. But they stopped when they realized they had to let the students do it also. Another example: Pass mileage ranges. They have to be the same for PS/Permanent Party. A third example: A 1SG once tried to 'confine' student NCOs to post for the weekend, but not permanent party. No Go.

I can vouch for the IG interpreting the reg this way for the examples I put out there.

Have a good time.
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I am glad you posted the information, but I understand even Physician Assistants have similar guidelines (at least for not drinking ANY alcohol).

No real deal breaker, professional students should be focused on work instead of play. It is still an outstanding opportunity for Enlisted Soldiers to produce a quantifiable trade that carries them forward in the Military and eventually the Civilian world.
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Thank you for the information, Mr. Lopez-Martinez and Corvette. I was just able to secure a May 15 slot for the School and am looking forward to attending. I can attest to the difficulty of obtaining a slot for class, I've been trying to get one for months and there was only one open slot when I went in recently. I jumped on it and am very excited for the opportunity. I look forward to working with you.
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