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Reno 13B

I went in to meps with 91bravo scored high on asvab took 15J, two weeks later called into meps and their "special investigator" tells me I won't get security clearance pretty much laughs in my face and tells me I can be a cook (I don't think so). So a new recruiter who was my recruiters boss (not impressed with either one) takes me up to meps they blow smoke up my ass (i.e. you'll rank up faster, you can change jobs later, they'll be less jobs after oct. 1). Find out last night my girlfriends family friend does the adjudicating for OPM and that it wasn't this asshole's place to decide whether or not my NACLAC/sf-86 goes through. Also learned from veterans from the army that basically right now before you go in is when you have the most bargaining power and you don't sign a "real" contract until the day you ship out and its really just a reservation...getting back to the main point, all they had available was some combat job/ glorified inventory jobs when I went up and idk if I was drinking the kool-aid or what but I figure I have 3 months from my ship date to reno and then i have like another 9 months after that and based off what my girlfriends family friend tells me I'm going to pursue a job with a security clearance.

Now that you have my life story my question is I knew it would be spinning the wheel of fortune when I got up there but what bothers me is my recruiting station says they couldn't pull me any jobs because meps has my information and to me that comes across to me as a load of cow manure. So someone please enlighten me as to the validity of this claim.
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